Flawless Papaya Soap And Sutla Bleaching Cream

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Sutla Bleaching Cream

           SUTLA has been in the market for almost 14 YEARS and still gets better through the ages.

It is available at all SM SUPERMARKETS, and other LEADING DEPARTMENT STORES throughout the Philippines. It is widely known even in other continents (USA, and Europe), and other countries such as Thailand (Bangkok), Singapore, Korea, Japan, India, etc.

A vast number of individuals of different races, colors and creed are using SUTLA because they attest to its QUALITY, RELIABILITY, EFFICIENCY, and AFFORDABILITY.

           Businessmen and individuals from other countries are always interested in marketing and acquiring the internationally-recognized brand, SUTLA, because of its aim for SUPERIOR QUALITY GOODS at AFFORDABLE PRICES.

The insight of excellence continues to shine and engulf the company’s ideals as it eagerly anticipates the fulfillment of service given to the populace at reasonable value.

Flawless Papaya Soap


What is Cold Processed Soap?

Cold Processed Soaps utilizes ONLY vegetable or coconut oil without any animal fat, and have complete control of its herbal extract oils.

The HERBAL EXTRACT OILS that can be used are Olive, Palm, Grape seed, Sweet Almond, Avocado, Jojoba, Soybean, and Coconut. The BUTTERS that can be used are Shea and Cocoa.

The Herbal Extract Oil and Butter are mixed with Sodium Hydroxide (LYE) in very exact ratios at certain temperatures. One of the elements used to create bars of soap with chunk full of natural Glycerin.

GLYCERIN is humectants that draws moisture to your skin.

After going through a process called SAPONIFICATION (the process where the oils and the alkali bind) and CURING(solidification process) for a time, HANDCRAFTED SOAPS are theMILDEST and BEST for your skin.

MOST OF THE SOAPS in the market are NOT ACTUALLY soap - it is a DETERGENT BAR (sometimes, it is called BEAUTY BARS on the packaging because is it not true soap) made with SYNTHETIC INGREDIENTS such as SODIUM DODECYLBENZENE-SULFONATE (a HARSH synthetic detergent that can irritate the skin and cause vomiting if swallowed).

MOST OF THE BEAUTY BARS are made with BEEF FAT (tallow), which is heated to very high temperatures to speed up the saponification process so, they can SELL THEIR SOAP AS SOON AS IT IS MADE without letting it cure.

In Hot Process, you cook the ingredients including the natural herbal extracts throughout the process that adds more heat to speed up the reaction resulting in the REDUCTION of the POTENCY of the HERBAL EXTRACTS. Therefore, the ADDITIVES or CHEMICALS are added to make the soap "truly" effective and "look" fresh.

What is the difference between



HANDMADE SOAPS (Cold Processed)?

COMMERCIAL SOAP (i.e. Irish Spring, Dove, Palmolive, Safe Guard, Body Shop soap) is manufactured by using a Hot Process Method.

During the hot process, oils and alkali are boiled together for a period of time to create saponification.

During the boiling, the SOAP BY-PRODUCT andGLYCERIN separate.

Usually the GLYCERIN is SEPARATED and SOLD. The remaining SOAP MIXTURE is then formed into bars.

Since the soap mixture is boiled for such a long time, the oils in the hot soap process tend to go RANCID. So to counter the rancidity, CHEMICALS are ADDEDto keep it FRESHER for LONGER SHELF LIFE.

The Cold Process Method of production where oils are mixed just to the melting temperature and mixed with an alkali to create saponification. It is then poured into molds, cooled down, and then cut and cured for approximately one week.

Because cold process soaps RETAIN their naturally-occuring glycerin, and natural herbal extract oils are not boiled, they DO NOT NEED TO BE ADDED WITH CHEMICAL PRESERVATIVES.

Is there GLYCERIN in our soap?


Our COLD PROCESSED SOAP retains its naturally-occurring glycerin created by the saponification process.

Does our soap contain LYE?


All of our soaps are a mixture of ALKALI (LYE) and OIL. LYE is a mixture of SODIUM HYDROXIDE and WATER.

For anything to have CLEANSING and LATHERINGqualities, it has to have some sort of alkali. When an alkali is added to oil, saponification (a chemical reaction) occurs and produces soap.

Can our soap BE USED



In general, INDIVIDUALS who are sensitive to chemical fragrances, preservatives and chemical colors find COLD PROCESSED SOAPS EASIER AND SAFER TO USE.